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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thirteen Point One

You've seen the magnets. Maybe one is on your car. Maybe you want one. Why is 13.1 so...so...

What's the big deal?

I can't speak for everyone, but the half marathon distance is the ultimate runner's distance for many reasons.
  1. Before the half marathon, there was nothing "in between" the 10K and the marathon. For runners who have mastered and PR'ed their 10K race to the point of boredom, what else can you do? If you've ever done 26.2 miles, you know how that distance transcends your hardest race or PR. It tests your will more than your body. And lopping on 20 more miles to your best 10K is a significantly tough challenge.
  2. The time commitment of the half marathon is very manageable. You can work up those miles with your longest maybe around 10-12 before your half and still enjoy time with your friends or family on the weekend without feeling completely wiped out for the rest of your day. A couple of hours of running that do not stress your body to the point of ice baths make half marathon training less daunting!
  3. Many runners incorporate walking into their training and some people enjoy walking long distances. However, walking 26.2 miles does not sound appealing to many. But 13.1 miles at a 15-minute mile walking pace, may give you a 3 hour and 17 minute race time. That is a great walk and, again, doable!
  4. And to me, there's something magically strengthening (envision the "Hulk" busting out and turning green or "Forrest Gump's" skinny legs breaking free from his braces) in crossing over into double digit miles. Once you've run 10 miles, you know there is only a 5K left. Your legs and heart have enough left to help you finish strong. You've got this!
If you're running a long run of 5 or 6 miles right now, you have plenty of time to train to reach a HALF MARATHON GOAL on Saturday, November 17th at the Tryon Half Marathon. We've designed a terrific course highlighting some of our favorite training routes in Polk County and the terrain will be forgiving as you hit the softer surface. If you've ever wanted to take it up a notch, NOW is the time.

You know you want this on the back of your car.

To sign up for Tryon Half Marathon, go to to www.strictlyrunning.com. All proceeds benefit Thermal Belt Outreach Ministry.

Tryon Running Club member and triathlete/endurance coach Katie Malone has provided us with a half training plan for all levels of running (beginner to advanced). Check out our Facebook page to get the plan!