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We are an RRCA chapter of local runners and walkers who enjoy social and training runs in our beautiful area. All are welcome!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Membership Time!

It is that time of year to renew your TRC Membership or become a member. Please click on the "Join TRC" button above for fees and form.

As we continue to try to grow our little club we ask again for your support. For those of you that joined in 2012, we thank you, and we ask that you join again. If you didn't join last year we hope that you will  give us a chance in 2013.

Why? We want to do good things. We want to create an active and supportive running community that is all-inclusive. A community where all levels of runners and run/walkers can find a training partner or a group to run with. We want to be able to host races that give back to the community.

In order to do the things we want to do we registered our club with the Road Runners Club of America. Our membership in this club allows us for our events to be insured and it gives us the guidance we need to run successful races and events.

We are still very new, but have high hopes. We hope you consider joining us in 2013.

Thank you very much for your support!
Laura Phelps
TRC President

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