Who We Are

We are an RRCA chapter of local runners and walkers who enjoy social and training runs in our beautiful area. All are welcome!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Membership Time!

It is that time of year to renew your TRC Membership or become a member. Please click on the "Join TRC" button above for fees and form.

As we continue to try to grow our little club we ask again for your support. For those of you that joined in 2012, we thank you, and we ask that you join again. If you didn't join last year we hope that you will  give us a chance in 2013.

Why? We want to do good things. We want to create an active and supportive running community that is all-inclusive. A community where all levels of runners and run/walkers can find a training partner or a group to run with. We want to be able to host races that give back to the community.

In order to do the things we want to do we registered our club with the Road Runners Club of America. Our membership in this club allows us for our events to be insured and it gives us the guidance we need to run successful races and events.

We are still very new, but have high hopes. We hope you consider joining us in 2013.

Thank you very much for your support!
Laura Phelps
TRC President

Monday, January 14, 2013

Calling all race directors!

Are you interested in organizing a race or fun run? Now is your time to get your event on the TRC calendar. At the beginning of each year we like to get together to fill up our race calendar. The board members do a little prep work and scour the race calendars around the area to see what others have going on. Then we will it up with the local events that are members are conducting.

This meeting was a big success last year and we were able to support a lot of local races, including:

Jerry's Baddle
PAC Trail Race 5K
Derby Dash 5K
Fabulous Forth Ride (Cycling)
Coon Dog Day 5K
Ache Around the Lake 8K
Tour De Leaves (cycling)
Tuesday School Tot Trot
Tryon Half Marathon
Jingle Bell Jog

 We strive to support our local races and events above all others and really try to get the word out and some training runs in a few weeks before the events. We can't promote what we don't know so please come join us for our meeting. You do not have to have to be a race director (or wanna-be director) to join us at the meeting - just come see what is going on and get involved!

Race Meeting
Date: Tuesday January 22nd
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: El Sureno Mexican Restaurant - Tryon, NC
1052 South Trade St. Tryon, NC

Please join us for our group runs this week:

Track Workout
Date: Wednesday January 16th
Time: 5:30AM
Place: Harmon Field Track
Distance: Runners Choice - bring your own workout or borrow one from someone

Saturday Coffee Run
Date: Saturday January 19th
Time: 8:30AM
Place: Open Road Coffee House in Tryon
Distance: 2 mile run/walk beginning and ending at Open Road Coffee. All paces welcome - no one left behind.

Hope to see you soon!!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Let's get this year started!!!

Even though I am a perpetual goal-setter I still love the idea of a new year and a fresh start. I love getting my new calendar and marking the dates for my races and my training plans. It makes me happy to see those events on the calendar.

If you haven't done that yet you should! There are so many great races in our area all year long. There is probably something every single month in either South Carolina or North Carolina. I usually check these three websites for races:

Running the USA
Strictly Running

First find a race and get it on the calendar. If you have not been consistently running lately you probably need to find a training plan. There are a ton of free plans all over the internet - just Google what you want and it will come up. Here are some places to start.

If you are starting fresh then you might want to check out a popular plan called Couch to 5K.
It has a nice progression with run/walk intervals. At the end of 9 weeks you should be able to run for 30 minutes straight. They make it really easy with a mobile app, if you have a smart phone.

Other resources are:
Runners World  (not all are free)
Jeff Galloway
Hal Higdon

The only thing you really need to get started is a good pair of shoes. I highly recommend getting professionally fitted for your shoes. I am sure there are others, but I really like FootRx in Asheville. They have a treadmill and video to monitor you running to determine what shoes might be best for your stride. They take a lot of time and care in making sure you are happy.

Most importantly, if you do not want to start alone come join us!

We have two group runs coming up!

Starting on Wednesday January 9th we will be meeting for an early morning run!
Time: 5:30AM
Where: Harmon Field track
Distance: Runners choice. Some of us might do track/speed workouts, others might walk. Either way, you will be in good company!

And, once again, this Saturday we are having a coffee run. We will run or run/walk 2 miles around Tryon then have coffee afterwards so we can get to know each other. This is a perfect time to come out and meet some like-minded people. You might even find a new training partner!

Where: Open Road Coffee House (687 North Trade Street, Tryon)
Time: 8:30AM
Distance: 2 miles

From last week!

Please add comments for other recommendations below!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

You Are Ready!

I can't tell you how many years I wanted to be a runner. I think I have every book on the topic from every famous runner from John Bingham to Bart Yasso. All of them are very motivating and inspiring. I would go out and buy new running shoes, mark my calendar with key dates and print out my training plans.  I would get a couple of "runs" in then I would stop. It was hard and I looked stupid (so I told myself). I was fat and people would point and laugh (I don't think they did). I wasn't a REAL runner (whatever that is).

I wanted to BE a runner. I think I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what that is... certainly a subscription to Runners World would tell me. Again, I would pour over the magazines as they came in the mail... I had all of them... Women's Running, Trail Runner, Running Times...

Certainly there was a secret in those pages somewhere. What is a runner? How can I be a runner?

The more I read the more overwhelmed I got. Which shoes were the best? Heel striker or mid-foot striker? How do you fuel and hydrate? Long slow miles or sprint intervals? I was paralyzed by information.

I think my husband's patience wore out. I remember one day at the beginning of 2009 I was agonizing over yet some other detail I could not wrap my head around. He said, "why don't stop reading about running and actually go run." Hmm. Interesting concept. Just run.

I started off by myself run/walking alone around Harmon Field. It was fine - just me and my music, but it got harder to get motivated to stay out there. One night I was out running and a group of runners came by and asked me to join them. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I remember saying, " I am too slow."   They insisted and I went. I was invited the next week to a training run around Lake Lanier. I remember saying, "I am not ready". The response, "You are ready".

That was the beginning of the Tryon Running Club. A group of runners with a vision to get others running. That is what we still are trying to do. We want you to know that you are ready to lace up your shoes and join us. Maybe you have never run before but WANT to run. Maybe you just want to run/walk. Either way... we are here and we want you to meet you!

Our next social run is coming up this Saturday. We hope to see you there!
Jan 5th 8:30 am
Meet at Open Road Coffee in Tryon
We will be doing a short run/walk beginning and ending at Open Road Coffee, so we can socialize afterward. Please come out and meet us, bring a new run/walker, all are welcome and no one will be left behind.