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We are an RRCA chapter of local runners and walkers who enjoy social and training runs in our beautiful area. All are welcome!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Adventures in Trail Running

We hope you can join us as we branch out a little bit from our normal road runs and explore the more adventurous side of running trails.

While trail running offers its own unique races and events, road runners can benefit from building some trail runs into their schedules. Trail running builds stamina, leg and core strength and the soft surface is more forgiving on the joints. These factors all help with injury prevention.

 We are so fortunate to have TRC member Michelle McClendon graciously offer to teach us the ropes and lead us on some group runs. Michelle is a former triathlete who enjoys swimming, cycling and running... especially trails. She appreciates the adventurous component of trail running and reflects that it is an opportunity to connect with nature and ultimately tap into the "sacred site within".

In addition to being an endurance athlete, Michelle is also a bodywork therapist and yoga instructor. She helps many of us find balance and strength at her studio in Landrum, SC - Inspire, where she offers a variety of services and yoga classes. She is also the event coordinator for the local event
Jerry's Baddle. This is an extreme kayak and road bike race that will be held April 20th.

Over the next several weeks we will be building these group runs into our calendar. We will run at FENCE, the St. Lukes Hospital trail, Blue Wall Preserve and the Green River Gorge. Trail running can be strenuous and we request that you are able to run at least 3 miles on the road to get the most benefit from these runs. Also be prepared and wear trail running shoes and bring water or other hydration and nutrition as the runs get longer.

These training runs will help us prepare for many of the local and nearby trail races.

First up is our very favorite local trail race, the PAC Run 5K that is directed by TR member Caroline Eller. The event will be held on May 4th and you can register for it now on Strictly Running.

4/20/13 - Dupont Half Marathon
5/18/13 - Derby Dash 5K - Columbus
11/2/13 - South of the Mountain 5K, Rutherfordton
11/9/13 - Camp Croft Marathon

Please plan on joining us on Saturday:

Saturday March 9, 8am
Meet at FENCE front parking lot.
I recommend that you are comfortable with running 3-4 miles and that you wear trail shoes. We will run a 3 mile loop plus hill repeats if you want to add on ;)
Hope to see you there!